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Odyssey White Hot Versa putters
Odyssey White Hot Versa putters

We love watching the Masters! Every year we can’t wait for April to come around to see all the world’s best players come together to play what’s arguably the world’s most famous golf course. Augusta National is on our bucket list and we’ve no doubt it’s on yours too!

If you were to play the iconic course, how well do you think you’d do?

Would you be buckle under the pressure of being on such hallowed ground or would you be pulling off chips like Phil and Tiger?

While it feels amazing to pull off the perfect drive and approach shots, we can all agree that the game is won or lost on the short grass.

Odyssey knows how important it is to find your rhythm on the greens. Their White Hot Versa putters are out now, and they’re packed with features and details to help you take control of your putting to own the greens. Read on as we go into further detail on why these putters will improve your short game and help you shoot lower scores this year.


The tech

Odyssey are all about helping you make consistent putts so you’ll be full of confidence each time you walk onto the putting surface. The White Hot Versa has a high contrast black-and-white alignment system so you can get a perfect view of how your putter is lined up to your intended target line.

Once you’ve worked out the path the ball’s following, it’s time for some practice strokes so you can determine the amount of force necessary for the shot. The steel section of the shaft is 7g lighter than previous models and feels perfectly weighted as you make your stroke.

Naturally, you’re only going to pull off a great shot if the club and ball make good contact. The White Hot Versa putters feature the brand's legendary White Hot insert, which creates a satisfying feel and sound through impact.


The range

We’re all different. We all have different opinions, preferences, and approaches to playing golf. With this in mind, there are eight different models available in the White Hot Versa range to accommodate your putting stroke. From traditional blades to mid-mallets to the larger mallets you see above on the right, we're certain there'll be a putter in the range that's perfect for you.


The hosel

The traditional plumber’s neck hosel style is considered the most forgiving putter design. It will help square the club face so you strike the ball better, meaning this kind of putter will benefit you if you have an arc-style and less forwards-and-backwards stroke.

While the plumber’s neck offers lots of offset, a slant style hosel doesn’t have the same kind of bend. Slant style putters give you minimum offset but give you a direct view over the ball so you can better visualise your putt. These clubs don’t help you square the face as much, so you’ll best be suited for slant style putters if your putting stroke is very straight.

From the traditional blade plumber’s neck model, right up to a more weighted, square slant neck model, we’ll help you find your ideal putter.

Now that another Masters tournament has concluded, what are your predictions for the remaining majors? If you want to putt like the best in the game, consider getting a club fitting with us. We’ll get your putting in shape in no time.

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