What’s your set-up?

If your football team (sorry if you don’t like football, but stay with us!) were trying to concede less goals and realised more than 50% of the goals they conceded were from corners, they’d probably work on defending corners. If you’re trying to improve your scorecard, you should probably start with the clubs that make up more than 50% of your shots…

When you look back on your last few rounds, which wedges did you hit most? How did those shots go? We thought we'd break down each type of wedge to see if there's something you're missing within your set-up.

We’d like to think everybody has one of these in the bag, which is handy since they’re the most versatile. You’ll probably find yourself going for the green from just outside 100 yards with this club, so you want plenty of control no matter the lie or turf conditions.

This is literally filling a yardage gap between your PW and your SW; stopping you needing to attempt half-swings or swing too hard. You might find yourself hitting this club mostly from the rough, so it helps if you can open it up and get under the ball with plenty of control.

Getting stuck in a bunker is never ideal, but once you’re confident about getting out of there you can start thinking about actually hitting good shots. You want a club that puts the confidence in your hands and makes your job easier.

This is where you can start thinking about getting more aggressive. The lob wedge will be your highest-lofted club, which means you want plenty of spin control so you can get a bit cute with your shots.

So, we've talked through the different types of wedges you can put in the bag, but which brand should you try out?

Cleveland’s RTX ZipCore wedges are made with UltiZip grooves, which are sharper and deeper than previous generations to offer maximum spin & control from pitching wedge through to lob wedge. On top of that, you’ll find a variety of grind options that are tailored to give you what you need in each wedge depending on your swing type and shot choice.

Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedge from bunker

While we hope these guidelines are helpful for you, we know that getting the loft, bounce & grind of a wedge just right to maximise your wedge-play and improve your score is very hard. That is, if you don’t have a professional on-hand to help.

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