Square at impact

Odyssey White Hot OG putter in action

If you’ve ever stood over a putt in your life, you’ll know just how important it is to look down on something that gives you confidence; something that makes you feel like you’re about to put the ball in the hole (that’s the whole point, after all). But how do you make sure of that? There are so many putters on the market that it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed.

"(with a Stroke Lab shaft) the feeling of your putting stroke is as stable and repeatable as possible..."

That’s why we’re here to help. We can actually match you up with a putter that:

  1. Fits your eye
  2. Feels ‘right'
  3. Holes more putts

You might be thinking that No.3 is the only one that matters, but the first two are key to making that happen. So, let’s take a closer look at each one individually (click the header below to open the content).

Looking down at a big-bodied mallet is enormously different to a compact blade. You want to feel like you’re correctly aligned to both the ball and the hole, then feel like you can pull the putter back in a controlled, consistent stroke.

But what about that moment you do pull the putter back? How does that feel in your hands? You want a smooth back-and-through; not to be forcing your putter on an unnatural path or desperately trying to control the speed.

Well, if you’ve got the first two sorted, this is your reward. Enough said.

Fortunately, Odyssey’s White Hot OG putter range includes a wide array of models to suit every golfer. The Stroke Lab shaft ensures that the feeling of your putting stroke is as stable and repeatable as possible, and that’s available in both mallet and blade options, with each one built to inspire confidence with the way it looks.

These are all available through us, and we’ll be more than happy for you to stop by the pro shop for a proper fitting that would allow us to find out together which putter fills those three key needs.

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